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Armed Assault 2

Platform: PC Game
Genre: Action / RTS
Developer: Bohemia
Publisher: Peter Games
Language: English / German
Size: 7.12 GB

Deysvtie game ARMA 2 spread in 2009, in the fictional state Chernarus, formerly part of the Soviet Union. For two years, where civil war. You'll be playing for the leader of the reconnaissance group of marines United States. You, along with his squad going into Chernarus to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure stability in the country.

The developers promise fighting close to reality, a dynamic plot, elements of RPG, more than 50 weapons and vehicles, the editor for the creation of missions, large maps for multiplayer battles supporting more than 50 players, etc.

- Gorgeous graphics era of next-gen
- A detailed physical model, taking into account the laws of ballistics and sopromata
- A fascinating and topical story, unexpected turns of the game stories
- Advanced ability to manage resources
- expanding and deepening the RPG-elements
- A new system of dynamic (dynamic conversation system)
- Unique military artificial intelligence algorithm
- More than 50 samples of moviment equipment and weapons
- 50 players and large-scale maps online
- Built a multi-mission editor

Instructions for Windows 7:
0. We put Windows 7
1. Mount image in Daemon Tools 4.30.04
2. Install the game using the key G049-HT8GW-FK40Z-GCHDX-1H749
3. We put a patch 1.01
4. For anglofikatsii game copy files from the archive EnglishLanguage a folder with the game
5. Mount mini image in Daemon Tools 4.30.04
6. Yasu 1.6.9040 Copy the folder with Daemon Tools 4.30.04
7. Run Yasu and click Cloack (not close Yasu)
8. Go to dispecher tasks, the Processes tab, find the process Yasu.exe, click "End Process" and confirm
9. Play!

Operating system: Windows XP Sp2 / Vista
Processor: Quad Core CPU
Place on the hard disk: 8 GB
Sound device: compatible with DirectX
Video: level GeForce 8800 with support for shader 3 with 512 MB of memory

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