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Street Warrior (2008)


Titulo Original: Street Warrior
Tamanho: 711.21 MB
Formato: DVDRip
Idioma: Inglês
Legendas: N/A
Qualidade: XVid
Release: MoH
Género: Acção

It’s where flesh slams against flesh. The fist meets the skull. Body-slams crush the bones. Blood and sweat feed the crowds. Now it’s time for one man to set the hottest ticket in town on fire.

Jack Campbell (Max Martini, Saving Private Ryan) served honorably in the US Army as a Sergeant in special forces with commendations for bravery in Kosovo and Tora Bora and was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery in Afghanistan. In Iraq, Jack’s physical attack on a sadistic commanding officer to save the lives of civilians cost him a prison stint at Fort Leavenworth and a dishonorable discharge. Upon his early release, Jack heads back to his hometown of San Madera, California, to see his only brother Joey. Once in town Jack discovers that Joey is clinging to life in a coma—a sorry casualty of the Gauntlet, the most notorious underground fight club in the country. The Gauntlet is the mastermind of Mr. Pope (Nick Chinlund, TV's 24) a wealthy, greedy and morally twisted businessman who has made San Madera his own corrupt playground by greasing all the right palms. Assisting him with his enterprise is the beautiful and equally greedy Ms. Lee (Jane Park Smith, Tears In The Rain). Jack wants revenge for Joey, who was forced to fight to repay a gambling debt. The only way to bury Pope and put San Madera right is from the inside out - braving the Gauntlet as a fighter, which means eventually facing the menacing current champ Isaiah (Sidney Liufau, You, Me and Dupree). In the process Jack strikes an unlikely alliance with quirky strip club owner George (Max Perlich, My Name Is Earl) who serves as his manager and he also becomes reacquainted with old high school friend Maggie (Valerie Cruz, TV's Nip/Tuck). Pope considers it great publicity to have a violent war vet fight for his brother’s honor against his seasoned fighters inside the Gauntlet at $1,000 per ticket. What Pope doesn’t realize is that Jack’s prowess in the ring is motivated by a blind-rage to bring him down and crush his whole empire. Street Warrior is a pumped-up, bare-fisted, face-splitting thriller about personal glory, and the one man with the guts to earn it.


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